ARMAS is the centralized platform to organize and manage all your material resources and inventory. From props, costumes and technical equipment to cars and apartments- manage everything within one intuitive solution.

ARMAS is incredibly flexible, as you have full control on how your resources are organized. You can create any kind of resource, decide what information is stored for each one and in which format that information is presented.

The platform will also allow you to manage resource reservations, maintenances and repairs. Print a QR-code for your resource, so that you can scan it with your smartphone and reserve it. Limit the actions each user can do in the system, as well as to which to resources they have access to. And much more!

ARMAS is a web-based solution, meaning that you can access it with any of the major browsers and its interface is scalable to different devices. There is no limit on how many users can log in and neither on how many resources are created.

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