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Our customers come from the fields of performing arts, museums and finance – sharing a common goal to do things smarter and easier. We are currently serving customers in nine countries and the company is expanding internationally.

Mansoft is established in 1993 and based in Turku, Finland. The company has the highest AAA credit rating by Dun & Bradstreet - making it a trustworthy long-term partner for streamlining Your processes through state-of-the-art software solutions.

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"Mansoft is a very good partner. It's always easy to contact with Mansoft"
- Jere Pensikkala, Turku City Theatre.

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Theatron is a state-of-the-art solution for performing arts organizations. Built together with theatre professionals Theatron enables you to digitalize your production planning process. Theatron is your centralized online database for all your production information – offering employees the one and only truth for the always up to date schedules. Theatron is the leading solution in the Nordics currently serving some forty customers in nine countries and expanding internationally. Read more about Theatron.


Memoron is a dynamic solution for museums for inventorying and cataloging all items regardless of the type – creating a digital archive of all the items. Memoron is dynamic allowing the customer to define all the information types and metadata to be saved for each item category. In addition to customer defined metadata, Memoron can store all the digital audiovisual material, sound, videos and images. Memoron is currently available in Finnish. Read more about Memoron (in Finnish).


ARMAS is the centralized platform to organize and manage all your material resources and inventory. From props, costumes and technical equipment to cars and apartments- manage everything within one intuitive solution. Read more about ARMAS.

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We have been developing solutions and serving customers since 1993. From the very beginning our services have been SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, meaning that we will take care of everything technically related so that our customers can focus on their own business. It is our goal to build long lasting relationships and grow together with our customers success.

State of the art modular SaaS services

Modularity means flexibility and cost efficiency for the customer. You only pay for the features that you need and require. This also keeps the user interfaces clear and meaningful for each organization. Modularity also means that if the customer wishes to have a new feature to solve and answer a need that our solution cannot currently solve, a new module can be developed cost efficiently and installed independently.

Customer service and support excellence

We provide the daily customer support and technical support ourselves for all our customers in several languages. This guarantees that the customer always receives best possible support and questions and issues get resolved fast. Customer service and support is always included in all our SaaS solutions.

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DTHG interviews Mansoft CEO Samu Bäckman


Theatron recently expanded into Germany and we also joined the DTHG (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellsschaft). Our CEO Samu Bäckman had the pleasure of making a short interview with Sanela Kolb from DTHG regarding Theatron and Mansoft.

The interview can be read on the DTHG homepage here or you can find the whole interview in English below.


With the Finnish company Mansoft, I would like to welcome a new company member to our association. Mansoft was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Turku, Finland. Its clientele includes the performing arts, museums and the financial sector. The company’s mission is to make work processes, e.g. in the theatre, smarter and easier through a software solution. Managing Director Samu Bäckman gives us an insight into the software Theatron.

1. Samu your company has been growing steadily since it was founded in 1993. How did the idea to found the company came about and what was the origin of Theatron and what is your profession?

Actually, the company was established by my father who retired some 12 years ago after which I took over the company as a Managing director. We have couple of customer segments, but vast majority of our time is spent with theatres as Theatron is our most important solution. Theatron came to exist by a requirement from Finnish theatres to digitalize their production planning process and the first version was released in 2005. Currently Theatron serves some forty theatres in eight countries and I am happy to say that we have just signed our first German theatre who is already using Theatron for their daily planning.

2. In the theatre many professions come together such as the artistic department, administration and in between there are many other professions in the theatre. And this is where your work solution comes into play. What exactly does your software?

This is exactly the challenge that Theatron solves. It creates a centralized place for all the theatres schedules and plans. The benefit of a centralized solution is that the schedules are always up to date and everybody knows where to look and check the planned schedules, artistic staff, technicians and administration all alike. One of our customers said that the benefit of Theatron is that it gives you less questions as everybody is up to date and knows where to look for the information. And this enables you to concentrate on the essential – making great theatre. I think this encapsulates the essence of Theatron in a great way.

3. What are the advantages of Theatron in the work processes?

If I start with the technical fact that Theatron is completely browser based, so you can access it with any device from anywhere. This allows you to easily check and update information no matter where you are. Theatron is build to follow the production planning process of a theatre and we have received a lot of feedback that the user interface is the most intuitive out there. Hence, the threshold to start using Theatron is really low because of this.

Another advantage that we pride ourselves is that the ways you can share the schedules from Theatron is really comprehensive. We can offer the theatre a separate Intranet/portal solution together with Theatron, we can integrate into the theatres existing Intranet such as Microsoft SharePoint, Office365, customers can create and share the schedules through iCalendar feature, via email, via TheatronTV -infoTV screens and so on. So, whether the theatre starts the production planning digitalization from zero, meaning nowadays mostly Excel spreadsheets, or has already invested into some solutions we have a matching option available.

Additionally, we are always willing to listen our customer’s requirements and if Theatron is missing a feature, or for example, if a customer wants to still use an Excel, Word or PDF document to visualize their data in a specific way, we can develop customized features cost effectively.

4. You have supplied the Zimmertheater Tübingen with your software. How did this project come about?

Zimmertheater Tübingen started a 360° digitalization strategy as a new legislation started in Germany concerning the management and documentation of working time. With such terms, Theatron presented as a great solution for them, due to the fact that the management and documentation of work hours is in the core of Theatron. Tübingen is the center of the German Cyber Valley, thus, innovation is second nature to Zimmertheater Tübingen, who has been very active and excited about Theatron from the beginning.

Dieter Ripberger and Peer Mia Ripberger from Zimmertheater´s commented that “We not only try to be progressive in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of theatre management, technical infrastructure and tools. That’s why we chose Theatron: we want all our staff to work with the best digital infrastructure to organize tasks and communication. That’s how we achieve artistic brilliance and succeed in our vision to create new narratives for a better tomorrow.”

5. How long does it take to install and to learn the program and what does a theatre have to provide for this?

Since Theatron is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, the set up and implementation process is fast. We can set it up within a day. The theatre does not need to provide anything, we take care of everything such as updates for the software, back up copies of customer data, customer service and so on. One day training is also included into the delivery and this can be held via online meeting or at the customer’s premises.

6. What are your wishes for the future?

Well currently I wish that we could reach more German speaking theatres with Theatron. Theatron is the leading production planning solution in the Nordics and based on our experience and market researches the German speaking theatres are structured and operate similar to the Nordic theatres. I really think that we have a great solution available for the German theatres and I am hoping for us to be able to also help the German theatre scene in the future.

Thank you Samu for your time and I wish you all the best for the future. If you would like to see the software in action, please contact Samu directly. www.theatron.eu

The company will be present at the upcoming BTT 2024 in Bochum

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